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Our mission is to take you on a journey which will inspire, motivate, challenge and educate you to achieve your health and fitness goals.
Transforming people’s lives and bringing joy and inspiration to others is the reason Active Personal Training has grown to be the success it is today. Our one-on-one training sessions are designed to maximise your results and give you the direction and guidance you need, not only to achieve your goals but to also live a happier and healthier lifestyle.
At Active Personal Training we are continuously helping people reach their health and fitness goals and with over 15 years of experience, we can guarantee you that you will achieve the results we’ve promised or we will give you your money back.

Client Results

  • 30KG

    Jessie D

    Weight Loss Winner

  • 20KG

    Gretel C

    since Jan 2014

  • 40KG

    Roger E

    weight loss winner

  • 20KG

    Nicole N

    since June 2013

  • 20KG

    Laura R

    since November 2014

  • 8KG

    John B

    in just 6 weeks

  • 30KG

    Leea P

    Weight Loss Winner

  • 8KG


    since jan 2015

  • 7KG

    Lisa C

    in just 6 weeks


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Your Journey

The Process

  • Enquire
  • Goals
  • Plan
  • Exercise
  • Results
  • Lifestyle

This is your opportunity to attend a complimentary consultation with one of our senior trainers who will answer all your questions and give you a more in depth understanding of our studio and how we can help you achieve your goals.

The key to achieving results is goal setting. Our unique goal sessions are designed for you and your personal trainer to set down your health and fitness goals. This involves an in depth nutrition analysis, body analysis and fitness testing tailored to your goals.

You’ve now given your personal trainer all the information that is needed to create the perfect program for you to meet your specific goals. The program will be fine-tuned with you to ensure you are ready and prepared for the journey ahead. We will guide you step by step and give you all the necessary tools and motivation to get your journey underway.

Your goals have been set and all the panning is done. Here is your chance to change your life. The program designed for you is now implemented into your personal training sessions. These sessions are fun, educational and give you all the motivation that you need to get results.

With your trainer’s guidance and the combination of your personal training sessions and the correct nutrition, you not only look fantastic but you feel better than ever! Now is the time for you and everyone around you to see the amazing transformation and results you have achieved.

The journey you are on has become part of your lifestyle and you realise that you are now a happier and healthier person. Your food choices and exercise regime is just a normal way of life and you are well on the way to setting even bigger goals and achieving new highs.

Main Services

Group Fitness

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    One-on-one training sessions are designed to maximise results. Once you begin your journey you will be assigned a personal trainer ...




    Our Active Personal Training team provides realistic and knowledgeable advice in all aspects of nutrition. We offer tailored lifestyle solutions ...




    Apart from the Personal Training service, we have recently introduced Active Plus to help you achieve your goals. This FREE ...

Watch our Studio in Action

Real Stories


Jessie is a real life miracle story, when she first came to Active PT she was nervous and scared, not knowing what to expect as she had never had a personal trainer. Within the first week of making a few changes to her diet and training with us, Jessie shocked us by instantly losing 2kg and it didn't just stop there. To date Jessie hasn't put on a single kilogram, she has continually dropped the weight at an average of 1 kg a week, so far totaling a crazy 30kg and a massive 68cm inch body measurements. Not only has the physical aspect to her life dramatically changed but also her approach to every day tasks. With her new found confidence, she is a completely new person and nothing can stop her from achieving her goals. Great work Jessie!!

" Active PT will take you on a Journey which will inspire, motivate, challenge and educate you to achieve your goals" - Jessie D

Total weight loss - 30kg

Total body measurements lost - 68cm





Client of the Month goes to Lisa Chadevski. Lisa is a hardworking committed woman and an amazing part of the Active team. Lisa after going through 2 knee reconstruction and constant knee pain still shows up every week to her personal training sessions with Tiesha and gives training her all. Always walking into Active Studio with a beaming smile on her face she is a great person to train, always wanting to improve herself with training, nutrition and achieving her goals.

Lisa has lost 6.4kg and still on her Active journey she has lost an amazing 6 cm off her waist and the difference is amazing her hard work here at active and at home is defiantly paying off. During our Active summer 6 week challenge Lisa set herself a goal of lose 3kg in the 6 weeks. This is a hard challenge in itself and instead of losing 3kg she lost an amazing 4kg. Lisa never shy’s away from a challenge even when she is in pain with her knee.

Lisa sticks to her food plans and doing a great job holding herself accountable for her actions and choices she makes with her health. Lisa works full time and is always very busy yet still manages to the time to prepare herself for the week ahead starting with food preparation and making sure she walks during her lunch break at work each day.

Active would like to congratulate Lisa not only her achievements in the gym but on recently getting married, we are all very happy for you . Leading up to the wedding Lisa was determined to lose an extra few kilograms, she took this challenge and hit it out of the park resulting in having to alter her wedding dress by taking it in more than once. CONGRATULATIONS LISA, WELL DONE & WELL DESERVED


Total weight loss - 6.4kg

Total body measurements lost - 18cm



This girl is the definition of persistence and dedication. Laura came to active with the intention of losing a few kilos and getting healthy but since that day Laura has lost around 20kgs and has changed her lifestyle for the better .
Training two times a week she puts her heart and soul into everything, even when she dislocated her shoulder Laura was still coming to her PT sessions and smashing out lower body exercises. That is why she has become one of the most loved client’s at Active. She always walks in with a smile, now she may not feeling like smiling once she leaves but this amazing girl always gives us a big smile when she leaves.
With amazing weight loss and astonishing body measurements , Laura is a changed person. Increasing her strength and fitness are her new goals and its not long till she has completed them too. If you see Laura in the gym and ask her how she lost her weight and got the body she has always wanted, she would tell you “time” and “patiences”.

Those two words have gotten her through to reach her goal. She has been a long term client at active and she may not have reached her goal at the beginning but she is definitely smiling now because she has.
Congratulations Laura on this great achievement, the team at Active are so proud to see you grow into this amazing young lady and we cannot wait for what the future holds for you .

Total weight loss - 20kg

Total body measurements - 76cm's


After losing over 20kg, we could not go past Nicole as our Client of the
Month. Once again we are truly amazed with the results of this beautiful lady and hard working mum. Since stepping foot through the Active PT doors, Nicole has never looked back and has never given up. She is motivated, driven and always looking to push herself that little bit extra. By mixing these qualities in with her perfect nutrition and PT sessions, we are given the answer to Nicole's success. She is not only an inspiration to the the trainers and client's at the studio but we know, she is definitely also a true inspiration to her family and friends. If you see Nicole around the studio don't be afraid to ask her for tips as she is a special type of person who is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone.

Congratulation Nicole on everything you have achieved so far. We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you and your new body here at
Active PT.

Total weight loss - 20kg

Total body measurements - 47cms



Not once, twice or even four times a week, Gretel remarkably trains a devoted seven times a week including Wednesday night and Saturday morning boxing classes. Intense! It is inevitable that all this hard word has paid off! With 20 kg's lighter and 80cm less in body measurements Gretel has shown an immense journey of prospering, perseverance and positivity which has led to her healthier I lifestyle.

This is why she not only look amazing but also feels so amazing. On the other side of the spectrum, this amazing lady is one of a kind. She never fails to keep us on our toes and put a smile of our faces when she comes running in the front doors with her adorable son Patrick in the pram, eager to chill out with us trainers while his mother trains! Gretel knows the time to laugh and enjoy herself as well as knowing when to get serious and train, which makes her such a pleasure to have a part of our Active family.

Everyone at Active Personal Training are so proud of you Gretel you are truly an inspiration to all women out there looking to reach their goals. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. It doesn't stop here though! Keep up the great work and we cant wait to see what the future holds for you here at Active PT.

Total weight loss - 20kg

Total body measurements lost - 80cm





When it came to picking Client of the Month for March we couldn’t go past one of the most amazing couple we have ever met, Sid and Marie.From day 1 Sid & Marie have worked their back sides o to get to where they are right now, with Marie running on level 20 on the treadmill and Sid absolutely smashing his weight sessions, they are honestly unbreakable and it is no wonder why they set the benchmark in the studio in everything they do.

They are always determined to continuously improve in every aspect of their training and are never scared to take on anything that is thrown at them. Each and every PT session or group class is always done at 100%. They are an inspiration to all. Not only are they an amazing couple but they also bring a great family culture into the Active studio which is why they are loved by everyone who meets them. From everyone in the Active Team, we are proud of you both and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.




Katerina’s hard work and commitment not to just training but to all the group classes, home nutrition by sticking to her food diary has paid off for Katerina!
Katerina has lost 8 kgs and lost an average of 15cm off her measurements on her Active journey and has worked super hard on maintaining her goal weight. A busy woman who has family that constantly need her, working full time and Kat still manages to make sure she is looking after herself and achieving the goals set.
Katerina when she first started here at Active didn’t want to exercise but knew for her health, wellbeing and overall quality of life needed to work on herself and start to feel better, eat better and be active. Kat came to one group class on a Saturday and didn’t come back to one for 2 months!
After realizing this was all for her, to help achieve her goals started to push through barriers and out of her comfort zone and Kat now attends all group classes, abs, boxing and fit camp, (always making her family dinner before she leaves too !!) does two personal training sessions a week and you can see the results !
Katerina is working towards running and walking the City 2 Surf, with a recent injury this has put Kat back a little in her preparation but has not deterred her at all, still is at all sessions and working harder than ever to make sure she can compete in the event!
Congratulations Katerina, Keep up the great work.


Total weight loss - 8kg

Total body measurements lost - 15cm


As we approached our annual 6 week challenge John made sure he prioritised his health ad fitness which really set him self up for a big 6 weeks. While running a great local business "The chemist shop carss park" he managed to lose an incredible 8.2kg in just 6 weeks. Not only did he win our 6 week challenge but has now gone on to inspire everyone who meets him, he is a great friend and we are very lucky to have him part of our team.

Total weight loss - 8.2kg in just 6 weeks

Total body measurements lost - 22cm in just 6 weeks




The moment Roger walked through the Active doors it wasn't hard to get the feeling that this amazing man was on a mission. He knocked down all the unnecessary barriers and instead finding excuses he started finding solutions. By slightly changing his eating habits and training with his Active personal trainer 3 x per week, it wasnt long till he changed his life for the better. since starting Roger has lost over 40kg and 83cm in body measurements. Its great to see a great man achieve great results.

Well done Roger you are one inspiring man.

Total weight loss - 40kg

Total body measurements lost - 83cm


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