Active Plus

Apart from the Personal Training service, we have recently introduced Active Plus to help you achieve your goals.

This FREE service is exclusive to our Active Personal Training clients. It includes:

Studio Access

Unlimited access to your own private studio.


Designed to revitalise your energy and calm your mind, this slower-paced stretch class focuses on improving muscle tone and flexibility. It also stimulates your immune system, improves circulation and reduces stress and tension. It is the perfect class for you to help achieve a specific physical goal, to assist with recovery from an injury or just to provide you with a mental break from the chaos of daily life and workouts. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.


A great class to flatten your stomach and give you tighter, stronger and more defined abs. This 30 minute express class will help you become more aware of your abdominals so you can improve your posture and strengthen your core.


Active boxing classes are one of the most effective methods to lose weight, tone muscles, and build strength. Classes mainly involve boxing combinations, cardio drills, and specific boxing exercises. This class is designed for all levels of fitness and is guaranteed to be loads of fun. The workout includes the use of your upper and lower body and is great for anyone wanting to increase their cardiovascular fitness and lose those unwanted kilos.

Fit camp

Enjoy an exciting total body workout experience. This fun-filled class kicks off outside and combines cardio and agility drills to challenge your body on all levels. Expect all types of interval training, while using a wide variety of equipment and although this class is a tough one, all levels can enjoy a great workout.