Corporate Health

You’re probably wondering why you should introduce the Active Corporate Health Program into your workplace.

The most important reason of all is increased staff productivity. When employees are fit, they have increased energy levels, allowing them to focus better, cope with stress on a greater level and they just have a more positive outlook towards their work. It is also proven that they will fall sick less often reducing the burden on your business and ensuring that employees are always working to their full potential.

Most employees are stuck doing repetitive tasks all day which decreases their motivation to work. Introducing the Active Corporate Health Program into your workplace allows employees to interact with fellow team members and other staff.  This assists them to develop better working relationships making the work environment a happy place. It also gives employees something fun to look forward to throughout the week as it takes them out of their usual work environment and puts them into a fun and interactive environment where they can challenge and compete with each other to improve their health and achieve higher levels of personal fitness.

What better way to develop a stronger and more trusting relationship with your employees than showing them that you are concerned about their health and fitness. This not only boosts their morale but also retention making your organisation a highly sought after work environment.

All it takes is one to two group classes a week and your organisation will reap the benefits.