This girl is the definition of persistence and dedication. Laura came to active with the intention of losing a few kilos and getting healthy but since that day Laura has lost around 20kgs and has changed her lifestyle for the better .
Training two times a week she puts her heart and soul into everything, even when she dislocated her shoulder Laura was still coming to her PT sessions and smashing out lower body exercises. That is why she has become one of the most loved client’s at Active. She always walks in with a smile, now she may not feeling like smiling once she leaves but this amazing girl always gives us a big smile when she leaves.
With amazing weight loss and astonishing body measurements , Laura is a changed person. Increasing her strength and fitness are her new goals and its not long till she has completed them too. If you see Laura in the gym and ask her how she lost her weight and got the body she has always wanted, she would tell you “time” and “patiences”.

Those two words have gotten her through to reach her goal. She has been a long term client at active and she may not have reached her goal at the beginning but she is definitely smiling now because she has.
Congratulations Laura on this great achievement, the team at Active are so proud to see you grow into this amazing young lady and we cannot wait for what the future holds for you .

Total weight loss – 20kg

Total body measurements – 76cm’s