Jessie is a real life miracle story, when she first came to Active PT she was nervous and scared, not knowing what to expect as she had never had a personal trainer. Within the first week of making a few changes to her diet and training with us, Jessie shocked us by instantly losing 2kg and it didn’t just stop there. To date Jessie hasn’t put on a single kilogram, she has continually dropped the weight at an average of 1 kg a week, so far totaling a crazy 30kg and a massive 68cm inch¬†body measurements. Not only has the physical aspect to her life dramatically changed but also her approach to every day tasks. With her new found confidence, she is a completely new person and nothing can stop her from achieving her goals. Great work Jessie!!

” Active PT will take you on a Journey which will inspire, motivate, challenge and educate you to achieve your goals” – Jessie D

Total weight loss – 30kg

Total body measurements lost – 68cm