Client of the Month goes to Lisa Chadevski. Lisa is a hardworking committed woman and an amazing part of the Active team. Lisa after going through 2 knee reconstruction and constant knee pain still shows up every week to her personal training sessions with Tiesha and gives training her all. Always walking into Active Studio with a beaming smile on her face she is a great person to train, always wanting to improve herself with training, nutrition and achieving her goals.

Lisa has lost 6.4kg and still on her Active journey she has lost an amazing 6 cm off her waist and the difference is amazing her hard work here at active and at home is defiantly paying off. During our Active summer 6 week challenge Lisa set herself a goal of lose 3kg in the 6 weeks. This is a hard challenge in itself and instead of losing 3kg she lost an amazing 4kg. Lisa never shy’s away from a challenge even when she is in pain with her knee.

Lisa sticks to her food plans and doing a great job holding herself accountable for her actions and choices she makes with her health. Lisa works full time and is always very busy yet still manages to the time to prepare herself for the week ahead starting with food preparation and making sure she walks during her lunch break at work each day.

Active would like to congratulate Lisa not only her achievements in the gym but on recently getting married, we are all very happy for you . Leading up to the wedding Lisa was determined to lose an extra few kilograms, she took this challenge and hit it out of the park resulting in having to alter her wedding dress by taking it in more than once. CONGRATULATIONS LISA, WELL DONE & WELL DESERVED


Total weight loss – 6.4kg

Total body measurements lost – 18cm