Katerina’s hard work and commitment not to just training but to all the group classes, home nutrition by sticking to her food diary has paid off for Katerina!
Katerina has lost 8 kgs and lost an average of 15cm off her measurements on her Active journey and has worked super hard on maintaining her goal weight. A busy woman who has family that constantly need her, working full time and Kat still manages to make sure she is looking after herself and achieving the goals set.
Katerina when she first started here at Active didn’t want to exercise but knew for her health, wellbeing and overall quality of life needed to work on herself and start to feel better, eat better and be active. Kat came to one group class on a Saturday and didn’t come back to one for 2 months!
After realizing this was all for her, to help achieve her goals started to push through barriers and out of her comfort zone and Kat now attends all group classes, abs, boxing and fit camp, (always making her family dinner before she leaves too !!) does two personal training sessions a week and you can see the results !
Katerina is working towards running and walking the City 2 Surf, with a recent injury this has put Kat back a little in her preparation but has not deterred her at all, still is at all sessions and working harder than ever to make sure she can compete in the event!
Congratulations Katerina, Keep up the great work.


Total weight loss – 8kg

Total body measurements lost – 15cm